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3 signs – It’s time to get your car’s brakes serviced!

Among the many mechanical components in a vehicle, brakes are the most important ones. Compromised brake health can not only cause inconvenience but also put you in danger while driving. The vehicle’s braking system comprises components such as brake disc, brake drum, brake pads, and brake oil. Brake Pads being the most essential require the most attention.

While each vehicle has its own brake life, clients often find it difficult to determine when their car brakes need repair or replacement. Professionals generally refer to an estimation of getting brake pads changed approximately every 50,000 miles. However, the number can differ significantly depending upon the conditions and styles of driving.

In this regard, the best way to get firsthand information is through the vehicle manual. Another efficient way to keep a track of your vehicle’s brake health is by getting it inspected on your regular oil change visit. 

Another key component in order to have a consistent drive and unwavering brake life is through keeping a check on the brake oils. The entire brake system relies a lot on the oils for the brake pads to work smoothly. Regular service in this regard helps maintain its optimum performance. Yet again, clients find it difficult to determine the ideal time for a brake oil change. 

You can keep a track of the brake system lifecycle yourself by understanding a few minor symptoms that can help you determine the problematic areas and their timely diagnosis.

1. Squeaking Sound from Brake System

If you notice a clicking or screeching sound coming out of the brakes, it is highly possible that the brake pads have worn out. If these excessively worn out pads are used more, they can also cause damage to the brake drum and disc, resulting in an even more extensive repair.

2. Experiencing Jittery Brakes

In case of the brakes becoming jittery and jumpy, it is time for you to visit an auto service professional. This inconsistency is created when the brake disc is damaged.

3. Stiff Push on the Brake Pads

Loss of performance in the brake pads is one of the most common signs experienced when the brake health is compromised. Having to push too hard on the brake pads has two distinct reasons. One is the brake pads getting worn down while the other is brake oil leakage.

A functional and efficient brake system is key to a safe and steady driving experience. With little attention to the glitches your car might be experiencing, it can be easy to diagnose the actual problem before it is late. If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is best to book an auto service appointment right away. 

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