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Auto gearbox is a complex mechanical system responsible for the application of power from your car’s engine to the drive shaft. It experiences more wear and tear over time than most other parts of your vehicle due to the heat and friction produced by these sophistacted transmissions. Here are some of th most common transmission issues drivers face while driving their cars in Dubai.

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Our free pickup and delivery service ensures we are available to help you anywhere in Dubai. Gearbox & transmission repair services take a lot technical expertise and time, and this is why we keep you in the loop at every turn from pick up the car, to diagnosis of the transmission issues, to suggested repairs and services estimates and finally all the way to delivering your car back to you in perfectly safe condition. All the while you can relax in peace that you car is in good hands and getting the best car transmission repair services in dubai.

Auto Transmission Repair & Gearbox Service in Dubai

Gear Box Repair Service From Best Car Auto Transmission Shop In Dubai

A gearbox is a mechanical component with a set of integrated gears that govern the torque of the motor crankshaft. A gearbox assembly in your car is responsible for adjusting the vehicle’s speed while driving. Gearbox repairs are typical in operating automobiles since the parts wear down over time. This component is subjected to a great deal of friction, and the mating portions eventually wear out.

Super Ride offers you the simplest method to schedule a mechanic or repair shop in three simple steps to help you locate the perfect specialist for your car model. Simply complete the required information and we will locate the best suitable garage in your area to repair your car’s gearbox. We are the best car auto transmission shop in Dubai that understands the latest trends in the industry and helps you out with the best. If you are looking for expats to help you out, then Super Ride is the place to be at. All you need is to give us a call, and we will be there to guide you.

What are the symptoms of a failing gearbox?

There are a few crucial gearbox failure indications to look out for. Here are ten ways to detect whether your gearbox is broken. Understand these points before you book the Best Car Auto Transmission Shop in Dubai.

Leakage of liquid

The presence of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in automatic gearboxes helps to minimize friction and, as a result, overheating. You might be dealing with a significant situation if this fluid starts to spill. We at Super ride understand this issue to the core and make sure that you enjoy gearbox repair with complete satisfaction. Our team is well trained to help you out in the best manner. We have years of experience in bringing out the best for you. We are the best automatic transmission repair service providers in Dubai that have been rated as 5 star by previous customers.

Automatic transmission failure

ATF leaks can cause bright crimson fluid to collect beneath your car. If the fluid has been burned in the gearbox due to friction, it may be brown or black, indicating that your gearbox will need to be repaired. Super Ride has a team that understands what needs to be done on the latest cars. We are the best companion for your automatic transmission. Looking for the best? Then we, as automatic car gears repair service, are just a call away.

Sounds that are unusual

If your gearbox begins to make unusual noises, such as clunking, whining, humming or buzzing, it might be a sign of a problem. Hundreds of working pieces make up your gearbox. Such surprising noises may occur if only one ball bearing is defective, for example. Automatic transmission repair in Dubai can be handled in the best way by none other than the Super Ride team. We have been the best and have the right knowledge so that we can bring out excellent results for you.

Manual gearboxes have a tendency to “clunk,” but automated transmissions frequently hum or buzz. Be aware that such noises might be produced by issues with the exhaust, driveshaft, or engine and don’t necessarily indicate that your gearbox is broken; nonetheless, in either case, it’s important to get the car inspected by a reputable repair. Not only automatic, but we are also the best ones to help with your manual gearbox service issues. You need to give us a call, and we will be there to guide you.


While driving a car with gearbox bearing failure symptoms, you may notice shaking, jerking, or grinding. During gear changes, reluctance, sliding, or trembling are common problems with automatic gearboxes. When a gearbox fails, manual transmissions are more prone to “grind.” Jerking and clunking are frequently caused by engine and gearbox mounts.

A burning odour

You may have a transmission problem if you notice a rubber-like burning smell and fluid leaks. Smoke may also be visible. Burned fluid indicates that your transmission isn’t getting enough lubrication. These symptoms might indicate that your transmission is reaching the end of its useful life. If there isn’t a leak, the odour might be generated by sludge or debris being burned.

Slippage of gear

Slipping gears is a faulty gearbox symptom that can put you, your passengers, other drivers, or even pedestrians at risk. To prevent crashes, sudden braking or acceleration may be necessary. Many modern cars include a “limp mode” or “safe mode” that stops drivers from driving with a broken gearbox by switching to a single gear. If your gear slips, you should see a mechanic right away.

Clutch dragging for a car replacement transmission

When the clutch pedal is depressed, the clutch disc and flywheel fail to disengage, resulting in a dragging clutch. Manuals may also pop out of the current gear, resulting in a grinding noise.

Your gearbox is critical to the smooth and safe operation of your vehicle, but it may need to be fixed or replaced at some point. A gearbox, also known as transmission, is part of a system that incorporates a vehicle’s clutch and increases torque (turning power) while slowing down the prime mover output shaft’s speed. Although a vehicle’s transmission system is extremely efficient, it may require expert repair from time to time. A properly working gearbox is critical for your safety on the road, so take your automobile to a competent garage as soon as possible if you detect any indicators that do not look normal.

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