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For your car to be your companion for a long time, it needs regular servicing. The major and minor servicing benefits your car, giving better fuel conversion, efficient engine health, improved suspension experience and smooth brake system.

The minor and major service is determined as per the number of kilometers of car running and its health. Minor services include regular checkup, repair and maintenance, along with a comprehensive health check of your car and advanced diagnostics. The advanced diagnostics are then taken care of in the major servicing, where necessary replacements take place. 

At Super Ride, none of your auto service is taken as ordinary. We believe that your car being your ultimate driving partner, needs keen attention. In order to maintain its optimal condition, its general minor and major maintenance should be kept a priority.

Our highly skilled and proficient team of auto experts carry with themselves years of experience in maintaining your vehicle’s good health. Our highest quality, quick and reliable solutions for your car’s minor and major service makes us standout within the automotive industry. We use modern methods, tools and equipment to offer best services and maintain our success rate, keeping our clients satisfied throughout. Call for Car Major Service. Car Minor Service. Car Oil Change. Car Service & Car Service In Dubai.

Some of the key minor services include;

  • Car Deep Cleaning

  • Car Wash and Sanitization

  • Engine Oil Refilling

  • AC Maintenance

  • Filter Change

  • Brake Oil Change

  • Battery Health Check
  • Tire Pressure Checkup, etc.

Some of the key major services include;

  • Advanced Diagnostics

  • Mechanical Replacement

  • Engine Belt Replacement

  • Tire Check and Replacement

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Battery Replacement

  • Steering and Gear Check, etc.

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