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Dealership Alternative Car Oil & Lube Change Services in Dubai
With Premium Quality Recommended Oil

At Super Ride the best Auto Garage in Al Quoz , we specialize in car oil change and filter change as well as the gearbox oil change. We understand it’s important to protect the life of your car, especially its engine by changing the car oil and the oil filters regularly.


High performance cars on the fast-paced roads of Dubai require expert maintenance and care and regular car oil change Dubai by experts can help increasing the life of your car by a long way. It reduces friction, lessens wear, provides lubrication, forms a seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls while helping to cool engine parts. Without the cleaning action of new oil, carbon and varnish buildup would be toxic to the engine.

Is there an oil change schedule for my car?

You should change the oil and filters every 5000KM to ensure maximum efficiency from your car. While having car oil levels and fluids checked should be as regularly as checking tire pressure.

How to know when it’s time to change or refill your oil?

It’s definitely time to change or refill your car oil once you see an indication sensor on your dashboard or when your car starts making unusual noises from the engine and your fuel consumption is irregular.

Which engine oil is the best for my car?

Choosing the right oil depends on various things such as your driving mileage, car type, weather conditions as well as your car’s age.

Our auto experts recommend using high quality 5w-30 engine oil from company approved brands such as Mobil1, Castrol, Lukoil, Liqui Moly, Nissan, Lexus, Mercedez-benz, BMW and others.

Where to get the best oil change near me?

We provide free pick-up and delivery service for all our clients. This means we pick up your car from your convenient location. Complete our inspection, do the engine oil flushing, oil change and oil filter replacement and run a full diagnostic report for you of any other repair and maintenance issues with the car. And finally deliver the car to you with a high performing healthy engine through expert car oil change in services.

We collect, service and deliver your car with the following things included in our oil change services:

  • Premium oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Oil flushing
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Coolant/antifreeze
  • Car Oil Change
  • Car Lube Change
  • Car Fluid Change
  • Car Coolant Change
  • 360-degree health check
  • Free Computer error diagnosis


Should I get an engine oil service contract?

Having a service contract with our trusted oil change expert helps you save over 50% of the cost in long term. And instead of finding the cheapest oil change service every time, you can rely on your trusted auto repair center to look after your car regularly.

We provide Certified Service Contracts for up to 3 years where each year include 2x Basic oil change services, 1x Detailed oil change services, 1x Major maintenance service.

Save up to 60% on dealership prices with our oil change service contracts

Keep Your Car Well Maintained With Regular Car Oil Changes

The engine functions as the heart of the vehicle. A properly functioning engine is crucial to keep the car well-maintained and in its best condition. It consists of various moving parts that require a lubricant to perform efficiently and avoid engine damage. Engine oil plays a significant role in this scenario. But, with time, the oil becomes contaminated with dust, dirt, and other elements of the engine that resist it from doing its job. The situation mandates the car oil change to keep the engine functioning without opposition.

Car owners often neglect the importance of regular oil changes, eventually taking out more money from their pocket as it causes other engine issues over a while. Simultaneously reduces the life of your vehicle.

How Does Luxury Car Oil Change Different from Standard Car Oil Change?

The luxury car needs the luxury treatment! Owning a luxury car is the most precious feeling, so you must offer your vehicle the same sense by providing top-quality service at Super ride. The luxury engine oil change is more intricate than a standard engine oil change.

Well, the best-engineered machine requires a skilled technician to get maintained. Super Ride is fully aware of that, therefore, employs a team of professional and experienced technicians for luxury car owners.

A car oil change of a luxury vehicle is similar to the standard vehicle except for the type of oil it requires. The car owner can choose whichever company they want for the regular maintenance, like oil flushing, brake fluid, oil filter change, etc. Super Ride is focused on providing the owners with a high level of service their luxury car is designed to get.

The luxury car needs extra attention, special quality oil, and additional time for a car oil change. In addition, it is more important to get your vehicle treated by workers who have comprehensive knowledge about the particular model, brand, and engine. This is where Super Ride becomes your car's best friend. Our skilled technicians are aware and well trained to deal with different models of various luxury cars. You can trust us and sit comfortably at your home while we do our duty.

Nowadays, a full synthetic or a synthetic blend of oil is used in most automobiles. A luxury car, especially one with a European design, needs a specific oil made in Europe. This is because the European Union has stricter emissions regulations than the ones set forth by the EPA of the United States.

How Premium Oil Change Saves Your Vehicle?

  • Keep the Lubrication of the Engine Well-maintained - Your car's engine works best if it gets enough lubrication. Lubricants help prevent friction between moving parts and keep them running smoothly. As they wear down, they lose their ability to protect your engine. Imagine the entire engine rushing beneath the car's bonnet, including the pistons, valves, and other moving elements. Without the necessary oil lubrication, these parts generate heat and drastically wear down the engine. Premium oil change of your luxury car keeps the engine maintained as it allows each part of the engine to work effectively.
  • Keeps the Engine Cool - The engine's parts move continuously, and the lack of proper lubricant leads them to cause friction. The friction becomes the cause of heat generation in the engine. The best way to avoid excessive friction and engine overheating is to maintain a clean and adequate oil level.
  • Makes your Vehicle Live Long- Consistent oil changes will extend the life of your engine, providing your car with more value. With better gas mileage, proper engine lubrication, and the prevention of sludge and dirt particles, your engine is sure to last for a long time. While you can not always prevent the problems that occur within a vehicle, you can help ensure that your engine life is extended with continuous oil change and oil flushing.

Many other benefits are associated with oil change, oil filter change, power steering fluid change, and brake fluid change. Eventually, oil is the element that keeps the engine performing smoothly.

Why Choose Super Ride for Oil Change of Your Vehicle?

Super Ride provides each minor and major service with your car needs! We have experienced & skilled technicians and modern equipment to provide quality service within the given time frame. Our technician minutely diagnoses the issue and explains to the owner the services your car might require.

Your car here will receive careful attention. We offer end-to-end service, picking up your car, servicing it, and delivering it to your door wherever in Dubai since we want to earn your trust and maintain it all the way. We take pride in what we do and aim to become your go-to store for auto maintenance and repairs.

We are the company to contact if you need help managing the repairing and maintenance of your car. You've found the right place if you're looking for a reliable vehicle engine repair business in Dubai. We provide various services at Super Ride Auto Services, including oil changes, oil filter changes, and each other services your vehicle demands. Customer satisfaction is our principal focus. At Super Ride Auto Services, providing excellent engine service to our clients is the only thing we emphasize.

Choose Super Ride and enjoy the greatest service!

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