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Brakes being one of the most important components of the car, require proper attention and servicing to curb safety hazards. The efficiency of your car is determined by the health condition of the brakes. Our team of professionals and technicians are highly equipped to provide you the best in town brake repair and maintenance in the most competitive prices.

Your worn out brake pads and dirty hydraulic brake oil can lead to compromised car efficiency. From brake oil check to brake pedal, drum brakes and sensors, our technicians have the best knowledge of your car’s brake system inside out.

To maintain your car’s brake system efficiency and handle any level of work needed, our team makes sure you get the best possible assistance. With the use of ultra-modern technology, our quality remains unmatched. We make sure our esteemed clientele gets the best brake repair service and high quality component replacement.

Our brakes repair and maintenance service includes;

  • Full brake system inspection
  • Brake Pad Replacement and Brake Skimming
  • Brake Oil Change and Brake Fluid refill
  • Hand Brake Adjustment
  • Brake Calipers check
  • Genuine Brake Pads installment
  • Brake Light strength inspection
  • Brake Disc Skimming
  • Brakes Rotor Replacement
  • Rear Brake Shoes Replacement
  • Brake Bleeding and flushing
  • Brake Drum & Brake Rotor Refining
  • Brake Booster Repair
  • Master Cylinder Repair
  • Brake Actuator Calibration


Brakes repair and maintenance is an essential automotive service, however, how does one determine its correct repairing time?

When your car’s brake feel comparatively softer or harder, it is undergoing a problem. Another key indicator is the unusual vibration and noises appearing while using the brakes.

Need a brake repair and maintenance? Super Ride professionals are just a call away!

Expert Brake Pad Repair Services: Ensuring Optimal Performance and Safety for Luxury Vehicles

When it comes to your vehicle’s braking system, brake pads play a crucial role in ensuring your safety on the road. These small yet mighty components create the friction necessary to slow down or stop your vehicle. Understanding the importance of brake pad repair is essential for maintaining optimal braking performance and overall vehicle safety.

Signs Indicating the Need for Brake Pad Replacement Dubai

Your vehicle communicates with you in various ways, and when it comes to brake pad replacement Dubai, there are telltale signs that repair or replacement is necessary. One of the most common indications is a high-pitched squealing or screeching sound when applying the brakes. This noise occurs due to a built-in wear indicator, alerting you that the brake pads have worn down significantly.

Reduced braking performance is another sign that your brake pads may need attention. If you notice that it takes longer to stop your vehicle or you need to apply more force to the brake pedal, it’s time to have your brake pads inspected. Additionally, some vehicles are equipped with warning indicators on the dashboard that illuminate when the brake pads have reached a critical wear point.

  • Full Brake System Inspection

At Super Ride, we prioritize the safety and performance of your luxury vehicle’s braking system. Our comprehensive brake pad replacement Dubai system inspection goes beyond just checking the brake pads. We thoroughly examine the entire brake system to identify any underlying issues that may compromise your safety on the road. Our skilled technicians meticulously inspect brake components such as brake calipers, brake discs, brake drums, and brake boosters for wear, damage, or malfunction. We also evaluate the strength of the brake lights to ensure proper functionality and compliance with safety standards.

  • Brake Pad Replacement and Brake Skimming

When it comes to brake repair Dubai, we offer professional services using genuine pads specifically designed for your luxury vehicle. Our experienced technicians employ advanced techniques to ensure precise installation and calibration of the brake pads. We understand the importance of a perfect fit, as it directly impacts braking efficiency and safety. Additionally, we discuss the option of brake skimming, a process that restores the smooth surface of brake discs, optimizing braking performance and minimizing noise and vibrations.

  • Brake Oil Change and Brake Fluid Refill

Regular brake oil changes are crucial for maintaining optimal brake system performance. We emphasize the significance of this service, as brake oil deteriorates over time due to heat and moisture. Our process includes flushing and replacing the brake fluid, ensuring proper lubrication and heat dissipation within the braking system. By keeping the brake fluid fresh and clean, we help preserve the effectiveness of your luxury vehicle’s braking system.

  • Hand Brake Adjustment and Brake Calipers Check

A properly adjusted hand brake is essential for both parking and emergencies. Our technicians perform hand brake adjustments to ensure proper engagement and release, providing peace of mind. Additionally, we conduct thorough checks of the brake calipers, examining them for any signs of malfunction or wear in our brake repair Dubai services. This meticulous assessment allows us to identify and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the optimal functionality of your luxury vehicle’s brake calipers.

  • Brake Rotor Replacement and Rear Brake Shoe Replacement

Worn or damaged brake rotors can significantly impact braking performance and safety. Our expertise in brake rotor replacement allows us to restore optimal braking performance by replacing worn or damaged rotors with precision and efficiency. We excel in replacing rear brake shoes for vehicles equipped with drum brakes, ensuring consistent and reliable braking.

  • Brake Bleeding, Flushing, and Refining

Brake bleeding and flushing are essential to removing air bubbles and contaminants from the brake system. Our thorough brake bleeding and flushing services contribute to the overall performance and longevity of your luxury vehicle’s braking system. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of refining brake drums and rotors, as it restores smooth operation, eliminates vibrations, and ensures a more comfortable driving experience.

  • Brake Booster and Master Cylinder Repair

At Super Ride, we possess expertise in brake repair, like repairing brake boosters and master cylinders, two critical components of the brake system. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in resolving issues related to brake booster vacuum leaks and master cylinder malfunctions. By addressing these problems promptly and accurately, we restore the optimal functioning of your luxury vehicle’s brake booster and master cylinder, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

  • Brake Actuator Calibration

Brake actuator calibration is vital for optimal brake actuation and responsiveness for vehicles equipped with electronic brake systems. Our precise calibration procedures guarantee that your luxury vehicle’s electronic brake system functions flawlessly. We employ advanced brake repair tools and follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure accurate calibration, providing a smooth and controlled braking experience.

Quality Assurance and Performance Testing

At Super Ride, we stand by the quality of our workmanship and prioritize customer satisfaction. After completing the brake pad repair, we conduct thorough post-repair inspections to ensure everything is in perfect order. Additionally, we perform performance testing procedures to evaluate braking efficiency, responsiveness, and overall system functionality. This commitment to quality assurance guarantees that your luxury vehicle’s braking system is operating at its best.

The Advantages of Choosing Super Ride for Brake Pad Repair

When you choose Super Ride for your brake pad repair needs, you benefit from our expertise in handling luxury vehicles and our in-depth knowledge of specific brand requirements. Our commitment to using genuine parts ensures you receive the highest quality and reliability for your vehicle. We believe in transparency, and our fair pricing and customer-centric service further establish our reputation as a trusted provider of brake pad repair services.for the first and the other

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