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Aston Martin Leak Repair In Dubai

Audi Water Pump Leakage Repair. CertifiedĀ AudiĀ Technicians In Dubai, CompleteĀ AudiĀ Repair & Service Solutions. Call Us Now.Ā AudiĀ Service Intervals | Extended Warranty | General Repair | Auto Body Shop and Auto Spa.Ā AudiĀ Standard Service. FreeĀ AudiĀ Inspection. Service allĀ Audi Models. We Work on Major & Minor Leakage in Audi

Aston Martin Major & Minor Leakage Repair In Dubai

When anything is leaking from your Audi, itā€™s usually not a good sign. Cars are built in such a way that liquids shouldnā€™t be dripping out like that, and especially not oil. If the oil leak is external, then you might notice it pooling on the underside of your car, you can look underneath yourself, or note any puddle behind you as you drive off. If the leak is internal, youā€™ll likely notice the smell of the fumes from the engine. Super Ride Auto Services Will Fix it

Not even the mighty Audi is immune to potential oil leaks, but the vast majority of them can be traced to 3 main causes, which we will explore below:

Reason 1: Oil pan seal or drain plug is cracked or badly fitted

Excess oil flows into the oil pan and is kept from leaking or getting into the wrong parts of your car by a special plug. Sometimes, the plug might have been improperly replaced, and/or the seals surrounding to worn or cracked. Any or all of these things will inevitably lead to a leak.

Reason 2: Your filters need changing

The oil filters catch nasty contaminants that build up in the oil and keep them from circulating in your engine. They do their job well but they do have their limits, even in a fine Audi. Checking and/or switching out the oil filters is a standard job that your mechanic should be doing at every service. If left unchanged, they canā€™t do their job and oil starts to spill out.

Reason 3: The gaskets are degraded

Engine gaskets, connections and the many seals and covers that bind the lot together are what keep the oil flowing and your engine moving. Sooner or later, they start to degrade from or become faulty just from their continued operation. The result, if left unchecked, is typically a slow but dangerous internal leak; dangerous because when raw oil builds up on the engine you are creating a potential fire hazard.

Super Ride Auto Services Can Plug that Leak

Donā€™t let an oil leak in your Audi get you down. Our team of trained Audi specialists is on hand to help Audi drivers in Costa Mesa and the surrounding area. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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