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We provide a full range of Auto Repair services from Engine Repair to Transmission, from AC repair to Battery issues, from car Oil change to Brake Service and Auto Body Shop at our Trusted Auto Workshop in Dubai with a reliable team of Certified technicians.

At Super Ride Auto Services, we specialise in Bentley Repair, Land Rover Repair, Mercedes Repair, BMW repair, and repairs for all other German, American and Japanese car brands.

We Repair All Major Car Brands & Models

We repair all makes and models of vehicles
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Top 5 Budget EVs to buy in 2021

In its effort to adapt to change and support the cause of sustainable transportation, Dubai is now at the forefront of clean transport, encouraging citizens to invest in electric cars. As hazardous emissions caused by the mainstream fuel engine cars is becoming a cause of soaring concern to the air quality in UAE, more and […]

DEWA’s EV Green Charger initiative supports electric vehicle adoption in Dubai

With the growing debate around the topics of global warming and climate change, authorities around the world are looking towards the modes of utilities that don’t require burning of the fossil fuels or the machinery producing carbon emissions. One such utility is the sector of transportation.  Focus on electric vehicles to curb the challenges arising […]

Best Tips for your Car’s AC health in Dubai’s heat!

The Air Conditioning system has always been considered the most insignificant amongst the other vehicle systems that need maintenance. With the peak of summers underway, the requirement of a fully functioning AC system grows multifold. The compromised efficacy of your AC on the roads of Dubai within this time is no less than a nightmare. […]

How to preserve your vehicle’s paint

Just as ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage our skin and dull our complexion, exposure to direct sunlight can also damage our vehicle’s body. Powerful and hazardous rays from the sun oxidize and fade the paint of vehicles very easily. Other than sun exposure, a car also needs protection against scratches and bird droppings […]

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