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Tips for your car AC in Dubai heat

Best Tips for your Car’s AC health in Dubai’s heat!

The Air Conditioning system has always been considered the most insignificant amongst the other vehicle systems that need maintenance. With the peak of summers underway, the requirement of a fully functioning AC system grows multifold. The compromised efficacy of your AC on the roads of Dubai within this time is no less than a nightmare. To stay prompt and avoid such situations, it is essential to have your car’s air conditioning system in its optimum condition.

Ever wondered about the actual functionality of your car’s air conditioning unit?

A car’s air conditioning system mainly comprises a Compressor, Condenser, and Evaporator. The functionality of the system is not limited to blowing cold air within the car. It absorbs heat and humidity from the car, evacuates it, and allows the system to blow cold air into the car.

As a vehicle’s air conditioning system operates under pressure, it can work best in a sealed environment. Contamination from the environment can result in compromised efficacy. Another common problem faced in this regard is system leakage, which does not only results in loss of cooling but also in compressor damage. Compressor damage is usually unrepairable and requires a complete replacement.

Practices to best maintain your vehicle AC system

To avoid a damaged air conditioning system on a hot summer day, here are the best practices to follow:

1. Routine Check:

This is more of a preventive measure to make sure that your car’s AC system keeps running in its best condition. On your regular oil change visit, ask your car’s mechanic to check the AC too. This will help you detect damage at its earliest stages.

2. Safe Car Parking:

In the scorching summer heat, make sure you park your car in an area that does not expose your car to direct sunlight. This will help keep your car’s internal temperature normal which will result in less burden to the air conditioning system.

3. Regular Servicing:

Keep your car covered with a good quality car wrap to limit sun exposure. It doesn’t lessen the impact of the hazardous UV rays however, it helps maintain its Each air conditioning system has its specified time for servicing. Consult a professional and know when the system needs thorough service, gas refilling, and air filter cleaning.

Moderate Temperature Selection: Never let the AC work at extremely high temperatures as it could result in an increased load on the vehicle’s body and the AC system.

4. Defrost Mode:

Run your vehicle’s AC on its defrost mode for 5 minutes initially to cleanse out excess moisture and unpleasant odor from forming within the car.

5. Turning off the AC appropriately:

Turning off the ignition while the AC is on can be your worst mistake. This can cause adverse effects on the system creating contamination which could lead to further damage.

6. Choice of Components:

 In case of damage to your car’s air conditioning system, choose the best replacement parts, be it the evaporator, valve, or condenser. Ensure that the service is par excellence, and the replacement parts are genuine.

7. Regular Usage

Make it a regular practice to run your car’s AC once a week post summers as well. This practice will help the compressor to work efficiently while maintaining the ac gas pressure.

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