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Car Care in Dubai Summer

Taking care of your vehicle in The Hot Summer of Dubai

Dubai is always a fun place to be, irrespective of the season or time. With adventurous long drives and thrilling off-roading excursions, there’s never a dull moment getting the most out of your vehicles in Dubai. However, enduring Dubai’s heat is a challenge for all; be it humans, or vehicles. For its residents driving back and forth for their day-to-day chores, summer is not easy on either one. The long days and heatwaves often cause a significant spike in vehicle maintenance services, this harsh weather becomes a tough task to manage your car’s optimum efficiency.

With the rising temperature and full-fledged summer already upon us, the car is your constant companion to beat the heat. Summers can be hard on your car, but taking the necessary precaution and doing the needful will never disappoint you.

Gear up for a super convenient summer with a few pro tips from our side.

Get your Car Inspected as soon as the scorching season hits

As the season cranks up from spring to summer, be sure to stop into Super Ride Auto Repair and get your vehicle inspected for any signs of damage. The transition from winter to spring and then summer can affect your car’s battery health. A quick inspection can help you learn of any damage prior to time.

Get your Wheel alignment & Tires checked

Having misaligned tires can wear them out unevenly reducing their lifespan, and increasing fuel expenses. It forces your vehicle to work harder than it normally would because of the uneven pressure between the tires. You should check your car’s tire pressure regularly as it will improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and ride experience.

Perfectly Functioning Air Condition & Cooling System

Radiator coolant doesn’t last forever. As the coolant becomes dirty, the radiator itself will begin to break down and corrode. As Dubai’s heat index rises, it’s important to make sure your car’s coolant system is working at its best capacity. Make sure your vehicle’s air conditioning system is on the up and up as well with regular flushing and cleaning of your ac lines and evaporator. Nobody wants to be stuck in a hot car in the middle of nowhere!

Quick Check – Headlights & Windshield Wipers

Headlights are easily overlooked until a passer-by makes them noticeable. A quick check on the blinkers, brake lights, headlights etc. can help save from a bigger hassle. Similarly, where summer comes with scorching heat, it tends to come with unwelcomed monsoon as well. Make a habit of replacing windshield wipers at the beginning of each summer season. 

You’ll be happy you did when those spring and summer rainstorms come.

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