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Car Leak Repair In Dubai

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Instant Car Leak Detection & Repair in Dubai, UAE.

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Our Car Leak repair and maintenance service includes;

  • My Car Is Leaking Brown Fluid
  • My Car Is Leaking Red Fluid
  • My Car Is Leaking Amber Fluid
  • My Car Is Leaking Orange, Pink or Green Fluid
  • My Car Leak Is Clear Liquid and It Smells Like Gasoline
  • Red, Organe & Green Color Coolant Leka


Before you take any step, shortlist the symptoms that you are experiencing with your car. Look for the damp patches inside your vehicle for assurance.

After this step, try to notice whenever this symptom arises. This can help you find the actual reason for the leakage. Make sure you also monitor when it starts leaking.

Water leakage during rainfall is quite a common cause. In case you are planning on doing a full inspection, ensure that nothing is left open. Even if your window is open slightly, it can let a substantial amount of rain inside the car. Start the inspection once everything is sealed uptight.

If the rainwater is hitting the inside of the car, its probably because of these faulty parts:

  • Sunroof drain
  • Window seal
  • Door weather stripping
  • Cabin air filter
  • Door membrane
  • Windshield rubber

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