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How to preserve your vehicle’s paint

How to preserve your vehicle’s paint

Just as ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage our skin and dull our complexion, exposure to direct sunlight can also damage our vehicle’s body. Powerful and hazardous rays from the sun oxidize and fade the paint of vehicles very easily. Other than sun exposure, a car also needs protection against scratches and bird droppings to avoid chipping and peeling. As much as we love our cars to be looking gleaming and shiny, there are proactive measures required to protect their exterior.

Major contributors to fading car paint:

Ultraviolet rays are one of the most significant contributors to fading a car paint over time. The UV rays directly affect the paint pigments of one’s car which results in oxidizing and fading color. Other contributors include environmental pollutants, chemicals in the air, bird droppings etc. Although bird dropping is not taken up as a serious contributor to a vehicle’s paint fading, it is highly acidic and if left for long, can peel off the car paint.

Measures to preserve and protect car paint from fading:

The biggest draw for a vehicle is its gleaming and shiny exterior. In order for it to stay overtime, there are a few simple ways to protect its appearance;

1. Frequent Car Wash

A regular wash is necessary for your vehicle in order to not only keep it clean but also protect the micro dirt from gathering in the paint finish. A good quality car wash/cleanser chemical applied with the help of foam is your perfect choice for a car wash. Usage of dish or fabric detergent isn’t recommended as it can be acidic in nature and can wreak the car’s paint coat.

2. Post Wash Drying

Drying your car after a wash is equally important. Letting it air dry can leave water spots on the exterior which would result in waste of your hard work. The best way to dry the vehicle’s body post-wash is by wiping it with a microfiber towel.

3. Paint Sealant Application

Apply a paint sealant at least once or twice a year in order to preserve your car paint. It adds a protective layer to your car which makes the life of the paint longer.

4. Wax Application

In order to revive your car’s gleaming and shiny exterior, a luxurious coat of wax is your perfect solution. It is a final step after cleaning and drying your vehicle to prevent it from environmental factors, grit, and dirt. Wax delivers additional protection to your car’s exterior, resulting in a smooth paint finish and unmatched shine.

5. Car Covers

Keep your car covered with a good quality car wrap to limit sun exposure. It doesn’t lessen the impact of the hazardous UV rays however, it helps maintain its paint.

The car’s paint finish is the most significant feature that is in a constant battle with environmental conditions. The more the car stays on the road, the more its paint is prone to deterioration. With the advancements in the automotive industry, there is a bewildering array of paint finishes available for vehicles like Single Stage Paint, Dual Stage Paint, ceramic coating, and many other regular protective measures that can preserve a vehicle’s sleek and shiny paint.

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